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Fix It Home Improvements

About Us

We service Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs.
And we are committed to bringing the highest quality service and expertise into your home at reasonable prices.

Our handymen have been doing repairs for years. We're able to fix most any home-related problem you need repaired. On the inside of your home, we can, among other things, fix drains, change filters on air conditioning units, repair floors and do tile work and drywall work. On the outside, we do roof repairs, such as fixing leeks, and coating (we suggest silicone sealing for roofs, which help them last for 20 years), we also clean gutters, pressure wash areas such as patios outside homes and businesses, do landscaping, install grass driveways and fix driveway issues. So just give us a call if you need something fixed, repaired or patched.

Outside Home Repairs

Things we do work on and/or fix.

Kitchens / Bathrooms Repair
Tile / Electrical work
Fix plumbing / Roofs
Seal driveways
Fix any landscaping issues
Flooring / Concrete
Dry wall