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Our handymen have been doing repairs for years ...
... So just give us a call if you need something fixed, repaired or patched.
All contractors that work for Fix It Home improvements wear sanitized gloves
for their shoes, hands and face coverings. We take just as much care with health
and cleanliness issues as we do with our quality of workmanship.

Inside Home Services
kitchens, bathrooms, tile work, fix plumbing appliances, dry wall, change filters on air conditioning units, repair floors, painting, do tile work.
Inside Home Repairs
Outside Home Services
driveway seal and patching, siding, roof repair and coating, windows, mulch, stones, landscaping, painting, hanging holiday decorations, gutter cleaning and covering, water systems, grass driveways, pressure washing
Outside Home Repairs
The team from Fix It Home Improvements did a great job! We would not hesitate to contact you again for any other problems. We are 100% satisfied with the professional approach and dedication of your people.

We are happy to to recommend their service.

Mark Roberts
Buffalo, New York.

Things we do work on and/or fix.

Kitchens / Bathrooms Repair
Tile / Electrical work
Fix plumbing / Roofs
Seal driveways
Fix any landscaping issues
Flooring / Concrete
Dry wall